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HYBRID combinano le migliri caratteristiche di ben 32 tipi diversi di chiosi presenti sul mercato,con la qualità dei prodotti LIBERTY

Questo significa che i chiodi HYBRID rimpiazzano tutti i chiodi che stai usando attualmente come E, ESL, JC, JF, FJ, LX 

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  • LB-HYBRID3-CU - Lunghezza 48 mm - 250 pz
  • LB-HYBRID4-CU - Lunghezza 52,5 mm - 250 pz
  • LB-HYBRID5-CU - Lunghezza 55,5 mm - 250 pz
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    HYBRID 3   48 mm 250 pcs
    HYBRID 4   52,5 mm 250 pcs
    HYBRID 5   55,5 mm 250 pcs

    I chiodi HYBRID CU rivestiti in rame rimpiazzano tutti i chiodi che stai usando for ferrare i cavalli da sella perchè combinano le migliri caratteristiche dei tradizionali chiodi normalmente usati, in più con il rivestimento in rame conferiscono miglir benessere per gli zoccli del cavallo.

    hybrid™ means: the best of everything

    Why did Kerckhaert choose the name HYBRID?

    The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory designed HYBRID™ horseshoe nails to bring simplicity and at the same time give the farrier more options.

    By combining the best features of the most popular nail styles with the superior Liberty manufacturing technology, we were able to design one, all new horseshoe nail, that that gives better results, every time.


      • Extra strong & durable
        • Stronger head, yet longer and finer shaft
        • Flush fitting with the ground surface, for better weight distribution

      • Extra pitch
        • Extra pitch means less stress on the nail head, which makes the nail even more durable

      • Extra length
        • Longer than ESL and finer than LX
        • Higher nailing
        • Stronger clinches
        • Perfect in combination with pads

      • Less damage to the hoof
        • Extra smooth finish, extra sharp point: Less damage to the inside of the hoof and less chipping on the outside
        • Bevelled edges, finer shaft: less nail displacement
        • Less pressure on living tissue
        • Great choice for sensitive hooves

    • Extra option: Cu Shield Technology™
      • Cu - Keeps hooves stronger and healthier
      • Better than traditional horseshoe nails
      • Better hoof / horn quality
      • No rust or wear inside the hoof
      • Protects the entire shoeing cycle

    hybrid or hybrid cu? - you choose

    HYBRID™ horseshoe nails are available both as traditional (steel) horseshoe nails and with the extra option of Copper (Cu) Shield Technology™.

    Both Hybrid and Hybrid Cu have the same characteristics as all Liberty horseshoe nails.

    Liberty nails that are made with Cu Shield Technology™ have the added benefit that they do not rust or wear inside the hoof and when used on a daily basis hoof wall, white line and sole are stronger and healthier. In 2016 two independent studies on Liberty Cu horseshoe nails have confirmed these benefits.

    nail replacement guide

    HYBRID 2*

    HYBRID 3

    HYBRID 4

    HYBRID 5

    HYBRID 6*

    45 mm 48 mm 52,5 mm 55,5 mm 58,5 mm
    E2 E3 E4 E5 E6
    JF0 RACE   JF0 JF1 JF2
    JC0 JC1 JC2 JC3  
      LX45/50 LX55 LX60 LX70