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The horseshoes and pads are sold
by pair (2 pieces)


FIFPE SRL which was founded in 1977 by Pregno Bruno, and started as a small reality has undergone transformation in the last 30 years, becoming a leading Italian business in the production of horseshoes and in farrier items. Walter and Flavio Pregno who have inherited not only the business but also their father's passion for the work, have been in charge of the company for over 10 years now, carrying out constant research for innovative solutions. Thanks to them there has been a considerable increase in production volumes and trade, and so has there been an increment in the quality of the final product.


The production of the company is very flexible with more than 700 different types of horseshoes. FIFPE produces and supplies other European companies in this field and is capable of making new types of horseshoes upon request. The company has an internal laboratory that plans and makes moulds assuring timely, cost-effective solutions.


Customer satisfaction remains our ultimate objective. Our horseshoes are the most sort-out and highly valued on the Italian market thanks to advice and criticism from Blacksmiths which have helped us improve our products. Your advice together with our work for a winning product.